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Learn more about Psychoeducational Assessements.

An adult psychoeducational assessment is a comprehensive assessment that uses standardized testing to determine factors impacting your education. 

They include; level of intelligence, strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and academic abilities.

A virtual psychoeducational assessment is approximately 4-5 hours in duration.

Adult psychoeducatinal assessments are an evaluation for individuals ages 16+ years who plan to pursue or are engaged in post-secondary education.

No. Different tests are used than those used for child assessments.

Behavioural and emotional factors that influence learning are also assessed during your evaluation.

There are two primary components to an adult psychoeducational assessment; Cognitive Testing Component and the Academic Testing Component.

During your assessment these are explored to determine a number of factors regarding your psychoeducational barriers.

The Cognitive Testing Component determines how you think and process information, and how you interpret oral reading, and reading and oral comprehension.

It assesses things like; thinking, judgement and reasoning skills, memory skills and graphometer abilities, as well as planning and organizational abilities.

The Academic Testing Component determines academic levels in reading and oral comprehension, as well as visual information.

It assess things like; phonological functioning, judgment, writing skills (mechanics, grammar, organization), math skills (problem solving, computational skills and fluency).

You will receive a comprehensive report of the results of your psychoeducational assessment approximately 4-5 weeks after you meet with our team.

Your report will include not only the results of your assessment, but also any recommendations, required supports or diagnosis, if applicable.

You can expect the PeakMinds team to follow up with you, and to provide any necessary advocacy on behalf of you and your report.

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