Vocational Assessments for Children and Youth

Vocational assessments provide insights into your career-related abilities and vocational potential, helping you make decisions about your future.

What is a Psychovocational Assessment?

Vocational assessments can identify areas of vocational strengths, as well as possible obstacles to successful employment or education. It can help identify careers and educational programs that may be most successful, and develop specific strategies to meet vocational goals.

Vocational assessments are best suited for middle school, high school and university students trying to determine their academic and professional plans, and working professionals seeking a change.  

Why get a Vocational Assessment?

Vocational assessments assess an individual’s aptitudes, abilities, and skills relevant to different occupational domains. By understanding an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, these assessments can assist in identifying job roles that align with their skill set, increasing the likelihood of job satisfaction and success.
For students, vocational assessments are important for deciding what classes to take and what post-secondary path to follow. 

Match Your Interests With Your Strengths!

Whether you’re a high school student trying to determine your post-secondary pathway or a university student figuring out what to do with your degree vocational assessments can help.

Learn about your cognitive, psychological, and behavioural strengths and how they interact with your interests to guide you to a future that’s right for you.

Looking for a Second Opinion?

If you've had a psychovocational assessment by another professional and you feel they need to be re-evaluated, our team can help.