Psychoeducational Resources for University Students

How It Works

Learn more about Psychoeducational Assessements.

An adult psychoeducational assessment is a comprehensive assessment that uses standardized testing to determine factors impacting your learning and education. It reveals strengths and weaknesses and helps you better understand yourself.

The assessment covers intelligence,  academic abilities, cognitive skills, ADHD, memory, and mental health.

We have psychoeducational assessments tailored to students pursuing post-secondary education.

This assessment is beneficial in better understanding your learning and mental health. If you are seeking school accommodations, this is the assessment for you.

The assessment includes 3 sessions:

  1. In-person testing at our office
  2. Virtual clinical interview 2 weeks later
  3. Virtual feedback session 3 weeks after the clinical interview

You will receive the comprehensive report via email after the feedback session.

The testing is approximately 4-5 hours in duration including breaks throughout as needed.

Ensure you have eaten beforehand and bring a lunch and drinks, so you are prepared to test for several hours. Please also ensure that you do not use your phone or devices during the assessment as this may serve as a distraction.

Behavioural and emotional factors that influence learning are also assessed during your assessment. 

Consent and intake forms should be completed before the testing day. Questionnaires and measures will be sent to you to complete before the clinical interview. After the clinical interview, additional questionnaires may be sent to you.

All forms and questionnaires must be completed before the feedback session. 

If there is a delay in gathering information due to incomplete questionnaires, our psychologist will deliver the feedback as planned and send the report once all the information has been incorporated.


The assessment is conducted by a team, including psychometrists (i.e., the examiner), psychological associates, and a psychologist. With your consent, the assessment will be video recorded to assist the team with scoring, report writing, and allow the psychologist to observe you directly.

One of our clinicians conducts the clinical interview. Our psychologist formulates your diagnosis if applicable and conducts the feedback session. The team works together to synthesize the report.

If you cannot do the testing in person, we can arrange to conduct a virtual assessment on a case-by-case basis. You may wish to consult with your school’s learning centre to assist with this process.

This assessment may be covered for students who apply for the Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) through OSAP. We can work within the bursary deadline if applicable and with enough notice.

Yes, we have weekend availability to book your assessment. However, there is an additional charge of $100 for weekend assessments.

Before the testing day, you will have consent and intake forms to complete.

On the testing day, you will meet with the psychometrist and review the consent and any questions. The psychometrist will administer tests that measure memory, executive functioning, intelligence, academic abilities, and focus. 

During the clinical interview, you will meet with one of our clinicians virtually for 30 minutes. They will ask you about your current symptoms and your development.

Students can attend the clinical interview on their own to provide information about their symptoms and development.

For young adults whose parents have beneficial information to provide during the clinical interview, parents can join the meeting with the client’s consent. 

During the feedback session, you will meet with our psychologist virtually for 30 minutes to review the results, recommendations, and diagnoses.

Students should attend their feedback session to receive the results of their assessment. If young adults would like their parents to join the session to receive the results, their parents can do so.

You will receive a comprehensive report of the results of your assessment shortly after your feedback session.

Your report will include your history which we gathered from the clinical interview, the clinical information, and numerical data of your performance.

It will also outline applicable diagnoses and specific recommendations. These recommendations may be related to learning, attention, and psychotherapy. If applicable, the psychologist will review the type of psychotherapy that would be most beneficial.

During the feedback session, recommendations and services available will be explained for support with ADHD, learning difficulties, and mental health problems, if applicable.

We are here to support you throughout this process. 

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Assessments for Standardized Examinations

We provide psychoeducational assessments for standardized examinations such as the MCAT, GRE, and LSAT, to name a few.

This assessment will help determine the need for accommodations for the completion of these examinations. There is an additional charge for this type of assessment as the institutions issuing these examinations have specific requirements for the report.

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