What Makes Peakminds Different

Different clinicians and practices have different assessment processes and it is important to ensure you choose the process that fits best with you or your child’s needs.

At Peakminds, there are NO WAITLISTS and we can get you booked in within a week.

We have friendly psychometrists who test 5 days a week in Collingwood and 7 days a week in Mississauga.

We use validated measures, self-report questionnaires, and clinical interviews to formulate relevant diagnoses and provide recommendations to best support you.

There is a quick turnover with feedback sessions being booked 5-6 weeks after the testing day.

You will receive a comprehensive report outlining feedback, relevant diagnoses, and recommendations.

We have many virtual post-assessment services to help you navigate your diagnosis and/or school accommodations. These include ADHD coaching, individual therapy, and sessions to help navigate learning, accommodations, and resources. (can add hyperlink to “post-assessment services” that leads to our post-assessment services tab)

Need more information? Contact us using this form to request a 5-minute consultation with Dr. Syb Pongracic. (insert form)